I am excited to have the opportunity to study in this amazing continent, to go from end to end and meet fantastic people. United Kingdom , France, Spain, Ireland … Everyone has something surprising to offer. That’s why I want to share with you my reasons for studying there.

1. Europe is an important center of innovation and a powerful force behind scientific progress, with incomparable standards of education. Great technical and intellectual discoveries have been made in Europe, which makes the continent a leader in sectors such as liberal arts, fashion and design, banking and finance, media and telecommunications technologies.

2. In Europe you get high level education and training, directly connected with work internships in business and industry, which increases your career opportunities. Companies around the world continue to invest in the international market and need new graduates to move with this changing world. For employers, a foreign student has great motivation, is independent, able to face challenges and able to cope efficiently with different situations and problems.

3. Education in Europe is considered a basic right, and great efforts are being made to ensure that more than 6,000 institutions of higher education open their doors to any sufficiently qualified person. Programs like Erasmus Mundus have served as a platform for students from all over the world, who upon arrival enjoy the same rights as Europeans.

4. Tuition fees are non-existent or very low. In addition, there are financing plans for foreign students and researchers. Europe welcomes you with open arms to the brilliant minds of the whole world.

5. European universities are increasingly international. In fact, more than 100 thousand Asian students are distributed in institutions of higher education throughout the European Union. All nationalities are represented on this continent and anyone can find their place there.

6. Even the most basic English is enough to study in most universities of the European Union, because studying in this continent you will have the opportunity to learn another language. You will immerse yourself in a culture that speaks the same language that you are learning, and daily it will wrap you from its simplest form, seeing and hearing in its own environment.

7. In your free time, you can enjoy the vibrant life of Europe today: Contemporary musical trends, modern dance, experimental theater and cosmopolitan traditions. Europe is completely connected by train and low airfares are also available to travel throughout the continent.

8. Studying in Europe gives you the opportunity to make friends around the world. Abroad, not only do you know people from the place where you are studying, but also other international students who are as far from their homes as you are.
9. Studying in a place like Europe increases your levels of self-confidence and maturity. The variety of cultures and European cities allows you to have a greater global idea of ​​the world, about yourself and about how to be successful abroad.

10. Europe is the best place to develop a broader mind. Europe is commonly known to be a place of acceptance and tolerance, and studying there will teach you to open your mind and accept the views of others.