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Paradise of Bhutan Tours

Little over a generation ago, Bhutan tours didn’t exist. This is because Bhutan is a nation fiercely proud of its traditions and it displayed the same unwillingness to communicate with the outside world as its powerful neighbour China. However, from 1974 onwards, international visitors have been allowed to enter the nation and have seen with their own eyes the beauty that is contained within. Now that the floodgates have well and truly opened, tens of thousands of tourists visit each year, a number that is rising rapidly. Yet it is a nation of many climates so when is the best time of year to take part in Bhutan tours?

Knowing The Climate

When it comes to visiting Mediterranean hotspots, climate is seen as all-important. When planning Bhutan tours, it is arguably even more critical such is the difference between climate and temperature during Bhutan’s seasons and in the nation’s various regions. For instance, January in the south of Bhutan greets guests with a lovely, temperate climate with temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius and relatively low rainfall. Contrast this with the north of the country at the same time where snowfall is so heavy that roads are often closed. This means you could potentially be stuck in an area of Bhutan where you have no access to the airport.

Here Comes The Rain Again!

While citizens of Western nations complain bitterly about the amount of rain they experience, the Bhutanese get on with daily life even during the monsoon season where 1,000 mm of water can fall in the eastern hills over a 3 month period. Even the wettest winters in places like the UK and Australia look like minor inconveniences in comparison! The monsoon season traditionally hits in June and July which explains why it is cheaper to travel to Bhutan during this time of year. In most cases, you can expect a 20% discount when compared to travelling at peak times which tends to be from November to January. It is also worth noting that Paro airport has been known to cancel flights at this time of year due to poor visibility so bear this in mind when visiting during the monsoon period.

Winter of Content

While the autumn is the most common time of Bhutan tours to take place, there is a level of beauty and tranquility experienced in winter that is not always on offer in the autumn. While the north of the country can be inhospitable at this time, the south resembles a tropical paradise. As you would be staying in Bhutan outside of the traditional rush season, you could get to explore this wonderful nation without having to compete for the attentions of tour guides. The sooner you take advantage of this quiet period, the better because it is only a matter of time before the ‘high season’ extends in December, January and February.

Bhutan also known as the land of the thunder dragon is a paradise for environmentalists. If you decide to travel to Bhutan, make sure you book in advance and confirm all your travel plans. This is essential when visiting Bhutan.

Bhutan’s lure

Bhutan holidays are guaranteed to be a calming and spiritual experience. Booking and confirming your reservation is vital before applying for your visa. Bhutan is dotted with several monasteries and is considered home to as many as two hundred of them. to travel to Bhutan, you can either fly up to Paro or opt to take the route to Phuentsholing. This beautiful country is full of breathtaking landscape and scenery. More than seventy percent of this land is forest area and is scarcely populated. It is a haven for nature lovers. Sitting peacefully in the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan offers the best views of spectacular mountain peaks. Once you go on a Bhutan holiday you will realize that it has a unique culture and lifestyle. The people are warm and inviting.

Bhutan Tours

Bhutan tours take you to the roots of the country. Tours are easily available as Bhutan is a very well-known tourist destination. Most tours revolve around the landscape and beauty of Bhutan. You will be able to visit craft shops, picturesque landscape and experience the heritage of Bhutan. If that is not enough, you can also visit Thimphu. It is the soul of Bhutan as its architecture, ethnicity and culture. Bhutan holidays if not planned well can be hectic and too packed with activities. If you prefer a laid back holiday, pick a travel package that ensures you get to see the true Bhutan as well as have a relaxing holiday

Booking your holiday.

Booking your holiday is simple and quick especially if it is online. Contrary to what people may think, booking online with the right kind of agency you can save money as well as enjoy a carefree vacation to Bhutan. Bhutan tour packages always include a guide and accommodation. Before you prepare to travel to Bhutan remember to check the climate, your itinerary, the specific destinations per city as well as the arrangements being made for your stay. When booking online, read through the entire package details for any unspecified costs or missing details. In case you need to clarify details, always call up the help line. You can use this help line to book your Bhutan holiday as well. But most of all, remember to make the best of your surroundings and the hillsides. While flying to Paro, you may even get to see the Himalayas if there is good visibility.

Basic Difference between GMAT and GRE

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test is for the most part a required part of the admissions process for full time business schools. The GMAT test is a standardized 3 part exam which helps admissions officers select the very best of applicants. It measures basic verbal, mathematical and analytical writing skills that an applicant is expected to have developed over the years of formal education and professional work experience.

What is the GRE?

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is part of the admissions process for graduate school programs. This is not business specific like the GMAT test and is used for all types of graduate programs. Some business schools are beginning to accept the GRE along with the GMAT but the number is very limited and the GMAT is to be considered the standard for business schools.


The GMAT and GRE are very similar tests in that they both test analytical writing, math and verbal. The GMAT also tests Verbal-Critical Reasoning and Quantitative-Data Sufficiency which are not found on the GRE. The GRE contains problems on vocabulary and word relationships that the GMAT does not test on.

Overall business school applications are on the rise and your GMAT score has become that much more important. MBA programs are counter cyclical to the economy which means that as the economy falls individuals flock to MBA programs to further their education and provide a much needed boost to their resume.

The math or quantitative section of the GMAT is by far the most difficult and is often a challenge as most applicants have been in the professional workplace for a few years and there advanced math skills have diminished. In order to regain there knowledge or learn for the first time students are searching for resources to help them score well on the math section. Study guides and classroom courses are common resources used when a student prepares for the GMAT.

Individualized instruction at your own pace is the optimal strategy however it often will cost a student $100- $200 per hour for a private instructor. At 99thscore. com we have broken the traditional models and offer high end instruction on video which will allow you to prepare for the GMAT test in the most efficient manner. Please visit for a complimentary GMAT Test blog and over 2 hours of video instruction from a top GMAT tutor. Come join the hundreds of students using videos to prepare for the GMAT.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is the standardized entrance exam for those using to finish college. Many United States universities need possible college student to take the GRE for their Masters as well as PhD programs. The GRE is a computer-based examination administered at examination centers and also could be taken multiple times, so long as it is not in the same schedule month.

The GRE is split into 3 main sections:

– Analytical Writing Assessment area requires you to prepare essay actions to two provided topics. You are offered 45 mins and 30 minutes for the particular concerns. One inquiry asks you to “concur or differ” with the subject given as well as the various other asks you to review an argument presented in the kind of a passage. The writing area examinations your capability to assess and also present your thoughts in a rational way.

– Verbal sectionconsists of thirty (30) multiple-choice questions. You have thirty (30) mins to answer. This section examinations your understanding of antonyms, examples, checking out comprehension as well as sentence completions.

– Quantitative section contains roughly twenty-eight (28) multiple-choice inquiries. You have forty-five (45) minutes to respond to. This section asks you to figure out connection in between quantities as well as resolve troubles. In addition to quantitative thinking and also analytical, the basic math abilities tested consist of geometry, algebra, information evaluation and math,

It is essential to note that the GRE generally has an added unknown Pre-Test verbal or quantitative section, which is not racked up. Since the extra area is unknown, it is very important for test-takers to finish all Verbal and also Quantitative areas. The GRE also has actually a determined speculative inquiries section.

Due to the fact that the GRE is a computer-adaptive examination, you could not go back to an inquiry. If you do not understand the solution to a question, it is better to think the answer as well as go on. Points are not subtracted for the incorrect solution