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Types of Real Estate

Often we hear the words ‘ real estate business ‘ in everyday life and in various media. We must also be familiar with the names of real estate companies in mumbai such as Nahar Group that has successfully developed projects familiar to our ears such as Rosa Alba, Villaments and Olivia. But what is real estate and how does it work?

Real estate is a property consisting of land and buildings on it, and includes natural resources such as agriculture, minerals, or water. Meanwhile, the real estate business is a business where the main activity is buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing.

Real estate itself can also be divided into several types, depending on the use of the land. Some examples of real estate types include:

  • Residential real estate projects is a land used for residence, be it housing, flats, to trailer parks that are popular in some foreign countries. Residential areas usually also have a place for small businesses like minimarkets and home industries.
  • Commercial real estate is a land or building used for profit-making activities, whether from the sale of goods and services or rental. Some examples of commercial real estate are office buildings, industrial properties, hotels, shopping centers, and farmland.

Surely real estate requires someone to develop and manage the property in order to be used by the community. Here lies the role of real estate companies . Real estate Builders like Nahar Group have diverse jobs, from renovating and renting buildings to selling land and buildings to others. Real estate companies are tasked with making ideas on paper into real property. Although the real estate business is different from the construction business, the real estate business also involves construction, which is usually done by contractors outside the real estate company .

Business real estate each year is always evolving, since land prices are also usually more years of increasingly expensive. A career in real estate also involves a great deal of skills and abilities, from architects, engineers, contractors, to accountants, making the real estate industry one of the most lucrative industries.